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Instead of quiet before the storm, disquiet and chaos reign.

Two weeks were set aside to get familiar with two modules. A few happenings were not part of the calculation and careful planning:

Nampo – Two days and one night. Twelve hours drive of which 400km potholed and stop/go. Six hours browse, sosatie and vetkoek. Ten kg of pamphlets/brochures, a pocket full of businesscards and empty promises. All this wrapped up a visit to the biggest agricultural show in our hemisphere.

Royal Show – five bulls with handlers and many hours training. Gadgets, gimmicks and tricks add to the excited influx of fellow Angus fans. Festivities spanning three days, plenty to eat and drink and minimal exercise.

Behind the scenes smoothing of organisational hiccups regarding the ‘hunting’ weekend on the heels of the show. Big boys showing off big toys and competing skills.

One day to catch breath. To regain strength. To scan through summaries.

Two days consisting of three hours each, sitting in a row somewhere in a big hall. Surrounded but alone. Fearing sudden blocks of total recall. Wishing the clock to either stall or rush. Anticlimax of the last fullstop.

One day of planning, packing and repacking. Breathe in, breathe out. Calm the shakras and focus the mind…

Camino: A reality.
A liminality.
A rite of passage.


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