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I am lightheaded. I am disorientated. Not to be confused with unhappy.  I am happy as I fantasise about my next shower and clean clothes.

There is less than an hour before I board for my flight to Durban and I have just listened to my voice messages. Several unimportant messages which got deleted before completion and one very quiet one from Mieke…”please tell me about Malta on your blog”

Ok, Mieke – here goes – no time to edit or check. Just as it is in my jetlagged memory on the airport:



Unexpected and full of surprises. Every corner a new, but pleasant surprise. Maybe because I had very little time to do my normal ‘research’ before I left. Maybe because the company was conveniently informed and prepared.

Susan owns a property in Swieggi (pronounced Scweeheegee) on the southern side of the island, halfway from everywhere and inbetween anything. With half a million people squashed in the urban areas, villages seem to be part of the suburbs and suburbs seem to be cities. Susan therefore excelled as a driver, guide and hostess. Always pleasing everyone and caring for all.

Leonie and JeanneMarie both well informed companions took over the roles of navigators and informants. A good balance between art, culture and shopping. And me – I sat in the back seat and observed…

This is a quick photo for Mieke to see who I traveled with – it was taken on Gozo after we turned a Fiat into a Hummer and explored backways, ending up in a quaint and secluded paradise. 

Malta was more than I could imagine. Somehow I thought it would be a Greek island experience. Which it was not. This was very much an European experience. Rich in history, diverse architecture, metropolitan people, weirdest language, but fluent in English.

Ancient to modern. Ornate in it’s dogma and simple in it’s slums. Contrasting. Dusty. Sandstone and cobblestone. Desalienated water and turqoise seas. Rolling hills inbetween medieval fortified cities. Human signs filling every horison.

To be continued ….


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