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Misty Morning

The reality of the weekend has dawned upon me – surrounded by mist.

Mist through my window, a blanket over my garden.
Misty eyes, trying to focus on the wedding dress in the corner of my room.

A strange mist in my heart…

Emotional Moment








My firstborn is getting married.

So, why do I want to cry?

While all around me the hype has become a physical entity.
It is a presence with no boundery or defintion.
It ebs and flows.
It dictates and demands.

So, why do I have a confused heart?

While all around me beauty is the priority.   Beauty in the harmony of siblings.
Beauty in expressing treasured  visions.
Beauty in materialising a lifelong fantasy.

And why do I crumble quietly and in private…

While all around me the cosmos continues with its eternal powers, regardless.
The earth turns.
The seasons change.
The birds sing.

Maybe the answer is because I am a mother.
And because she is my precious daughter…


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